Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NC Museum of Natural Sciences

When I was younger, we quite often went down to London. One of the things we would do in London was visit the museums. They were free to get into and were great fun, so made for a cheap day out. My favourite London museum was always the Natural History Museum and my second favourite was the Science Museum. Mark said that he really liked the Geological Museum, although Natural History was his favourite too. When I was older, I went less often, mainly because they started to charge entrance fees.

Yesterday was Presidents' Day -- the day when all US citizens pay honour to their presidents, past and future. It also meant that Emily and Lauren had Friday afternoon, as well as all day yesterday and today off school. Unfortunately, however, Mark still had to work, so we couldn't go off on one of our explorations. (I still haven't got a car, so if Mark's at work, I'm home-bound.) Friday afternoon was spent veging and the Weekend went by as such weekends often do. Monday was better for Lauren because she went roller skating with her friend. As Emily didn't want to roller skate, though, I had to spend another day at home.

Today, however, we went on a day trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh (NC's version of the Natural History Museum). The museum is on four stories and we only managed to see two of them before it was time to go home. The children also go to see the special Brain exhibit. It was a very nice day out, but we had to leave a lot to discover on another occasion.

In addition, the North Carolina Museum of History is next door and the North Carolina State Capitol is across the street. Then there's the art museums (Contemporary Art Museum & NC Museum of Art). We didn't get a chance to even start on those, so we'll definitely have to try and go again.


crystal said...

I think natural history museums are so interesting. One of my favorite scary novels - Relic - takes place in the American Museum of Natural History in New York :-)

selwyn goodacre said...

interested in this word 'veging' - I imagine this is short for 'vegetating'? should there not be an extra 'e' - as in 'vegeing' - cf. whinging/ whingeing?

Roller skating - I imagine this is four wheels in a line, rather than the old fashioned four in a car wheel fashion (memories of childhood).

Viola said...

Re: veging -- Yes, I mean vegetating. As it's not even a real word, I just guessed how best to spell it.

Re: Roller skating -- I didn't go, but I gather, from talking to Lauren's friend's mum, that Lauren wore the not-inline version.

Mark Goodacre said...

I'd have guessed "vegging" as the sp. too. Google returns 210,000 hits for "vegging" with a link to a definition here. Veging also seems to be found -- Google returns 17,100 hits, mainly "veging out" as far as I can see.

Viola said...

And "vegeing" only returned 305 hits.

Crystal mentioned the novel Relic. If you've seen the 1997 film based on the book, what's your opinion of it?

crystal said...

Hi Viola. Yes, I saw the movie - it was pretty bad. It's not at all a good representation of the book ... it changed some of the characters, merged two main characters into one, totslly changed the "creature".

One fun thing about the book is that you can learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff of the museum - one of the writers of Relic has another book, Dinosuars in the Attic - a non-fiction book about the museum.

Viola said...

OK, so I can't shortcut it by just watching the film. I'll have to actually use some brain cells and read the book!

crystal said...

Disclaimer ... the book has a lot of violence, with the creature eating people's brains, etc :-)

Anonymous said...

It was always "vegging" when we used to do it!
I am looking forward to seeing a film with a creature eating brains etc... Actually, "King Kong" was fairly graphic.

Sgt D