Saturday, February 25, 2006

Family Fun Night

School's Fun Night: Photo 1This evening, we went to the school's Family Fun Night. It's the equivalent to a school fete in the UK, with a bit of a kids' disco thrown in for good measure. It's funny, but we've travelled 4000 miles and the playlist at kid's discos are almost exactly the same, for example:

  • Cha Cha Slide
  • Birdie Song
  • Grease Megamix
  • Hey Macarena
  • Hey Mickey
  • Mambo Number Five
  • Crazy Frog
I always feel that these events are great for the kids, but extremely boring for the adults.

School's Fun Night: Photo 2The event was held in the local high school. If you want to know the definition of weird, try listening to Summer Nights while actually sitting in a US high school dining hall! I almost felt like I was right there, in the film!

We went with one of Emily's friends, who we brought back to our house to stay the night. All three girls are now in bed and Mark and I can relax for the evening.

(By the way, your eyes are not deceiving you. The bloke in the background of the first picture is indeed wearing shorts in February. This is not because he's "a tinny short of a sixpack," as we used to say when we were younger. It actually is warm enough for T-shirts and shorts in February (so much for "six more weeks of winter," Punxsutawney Phil!).)


Lorraine said...

LOL...listening to "Summer Nights" in the cafeteria. Hope you were wearing your bobby sox.

Jonny G said...

It looks like Mark might actually be a cut-out. Now, I understand how he manages to lead such a busy life - it actually means he can be in two or more places at once.

Like the Monty Python sketch - sending along the fridge to the Awards Ceremony instead of attending in person.