Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney shot his mate in the face. Would "What a dumb-ass," be the appropriate American-English response? At least John Prescott doesn't use firearms.

Here's a few accounts of the Dick Cheney story:

The Independent
The Nation (Yahoo News)
Wired News

February 13, 2006

I liked Lorraine's "sympathetic" open letter to Dick Cheney.


Lorraine said...

"What a dumb-ass" is a perfectly proper response, to just about anything Dick Cheney does.

Joe Weaks said...

Hopefully you've discovered The Daily Show. Jon Stewart had a field day with this story tonight, and it was positively brilliant.

Viola said...

My brother in law (Everyday Eavesdropping) (who lives in Cambridge, England) introduced us to The Daily Show, which we enjoyed very much. We haven't yet got round to watching it regularly. I think, though, that it's something we ought to try and get into.

Tonight's programme is repeated tomorrow, so I'll try and catch it.