Sunday, February 19, 2006

God's Own Country

Michael Pahl's blog The Anglo-File, Too is always a good read for me. This is because The Pahl family are Canadians living in Birmingham, England. We spent 10 years in Birmingham, have friends there and are very fond of the city. The Pahls' first impressions of Birmingham are in their September 2005 archive and includes photos of very British things like double decker busses and red phone booths.

Turl Street, Oxford, UK
Turl Street, Oxford
(Mark's college (Exeter)
is on the left.)
They have also been on "pilgrimage" to two other cities that are close to our hearts -- Cambridge and Oxford. I grew up in a city that's about an hour north of Cambridge (Peterborough) and had relatives who lived just outside Cambridge, so used to go there for day trips. In later life, both Mark and I had (and still have) family in Cambridge, so again used to visit often (and sometimes we'd throw in the odd gig at The Junction or Corn Exchange while we were there). Oxford is special because Mark lived there for 10 years and I lived there for 6 years. It's where we met and where Emily was born (Lauren was born in Birmingham). We also still have friends there.


crystal said...

Peterborough Cathedral ... great photo. I've been to England only once and just for a few days, but I did get to Oxford ... went to Blackwell's bookstore and looked around the university grounds - beautiful place :-)

Yasser Rahman said...

Well, technically... God's Own Country is Kerala, a state in south india...

look it up :)

Viola said...

To be honest, Yasser, when I wrote the title I was a bit torn -- you see I was born in Chennai (back then it was Madras). My mother spends about 8 months a year in Chennai. She would say that India is God's Own Country. I'd like to visit India one day, but have not yet been able to.

England -- especially Peterborough, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford and London are where my memories lie.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, New Zealand is God's Own Country

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I'm slowly reading through the whole of your blog. I'm from just outside Huntingdon, went to uni in Cambridge and frequent Peterborough to go shopping. I'm relocating to Alabama next year.