Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Other Guy

Have you caught the absolutely hilarious gaff on BBC News 24? They were covering the ruling in the court battle between Apple Records and Apple Computers and were supposed to interview Guy Kewney (a computing expert and journalist). Instead, they managed to get a guy (named Guy Goma, a Business Studies graduate from the Congo), who was waiting in the BBC Reception to be interviewed for an IT position. In a case of mistaken identity, the poor man was led to the News 24 studio, wired up, and asked his opinion live on air.

The best bit is watching his face as the interviewer introduces him. Priceless! When she then turns to the on-the-street correspondent and asks him his opinion, he says something to the effect of, "Well, pretty much what we've heard just there ...." So, the reporter was happy to agree with a poor bloke who thought he'd come for a job interview, found himself on live TV, and was winging it for all he was worth.

What was the real Guy Kewney doing while all this was going on? He was sitting in the BBC Reception, watching the other Guy being interviewed.

The clip is all over the internet, but here's one of the links, taken from the real Guy Kewney's blog:

Interview with the fake Guy (clip)

And here's a bit more information (also good for a laugh). The first three links are to the real Guy Kewney's blog and they chart his reactions from disbelief, to anger, to having a laugh at the BBC's expense:

Really, what matters is that the BBC doesn't look stupid...
That BBC video: the cab driver who edits Newswireless and lectures on iPods...
That "Guy" - he really is a Guy, and not a cab driver, either!
On-Air BBC Mixup Brings New Meaning to "Instapundit"
Guy Kewney, News 24 And The 'Other Guy Kewney'

May 17, 2006

Instead of just apologising and leaving it, BBC News 24 (not wanting to miss the bandwagon) decided that if everyone else is laughing at them, they may as well join in and embarrass themselves further. They decided to interview Guy Goma. The interview was intended to be a light-hearted jabbing at Guy Goma, with questions along the lines of "Why didn't you say that you weren't Guy Kewney?" (my paraphrase, not a direct quote), but came across as condescending. They obviously weren't listening to the man either, as they asked him the same questions more than once. This video clip is an interview with Guy Goma and a telephone interview with Guy Kewney. It is a very poor interview indeed. News 24 don't seem to realise that we're laughing at them, not with them.

Here's the clip:
Guy Goma interveiw on News 24

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