Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Mark Heap a Comic Genius, Or What?

I first saw Mark Heap back in the late 1990s in the British comedy Spaced, which I very much enjoyed, but which unfortunately didn't manage a third series. Over the years, he's cropped up in various comedies, but it is not until recently, in his role as Dr Alan Statham, the Consultant Radiologist in Green Wing, that I have begun to grasp the fact that his slapstick comedy abilities are actually genius. Green Wing is as groundbreaking a comedy as The Office (click here for the US version) and only fails in that it may alienate some audiences by its overtly adult content.

We've recently realised that the first series of Green Wing is now available on BBC America. If you decide to watch it, also look out for Sue White, the Staff Liaison Officer, played by Michelle Gomez. Very funny.

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