Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Office & My Name is Earl

An announcement for all interested parties:

The third series of The Office (aired in the UK as The Office: An American Workplace, to differentiate it from the original) is due to start on September the 21st (8:30-9p.m. ET) on NBC.

This is preceded by My Name is Earl (8-8:30p.m. ET). Both are well worth watching.

Here's a couple of NBC's The Office vs. BBC's The Office articles, just to whet your appetite:
The Office Heavyweight Bout: NBC vs. BBC
The Office (BBC) vs. The Office (NBC)

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Lorraine said...

We love both The Office and Earl. I've only seen a bit of the BBC version of The Office and liked it alright but I actually think the American version is funnier. Or maybe it's just that I pretty much have to watch the BBC version with the captions on!