Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Family Tour: Part 1

The traditional Family Tour T-shirt is worn by Mark's cousinAfter our week in Cornwall, we began our tour of the country, visiting family and friends. From Cornwall, we visited friends in Oxford, then drove up to Birmingham where Emily and Lauren stayed with their friends and we stayed with ours. From Birmingham, it was up to Derbyshire to visit Mark's parents for a few days. Mark's aunts and cousins with Mark, Emily and LaurenEmily, Lauren, Mark's dad and I went to see the new Anthony Horowitz film Stormbreaker. We were keen to see this, having read the book. The next day, we had a day trip to Birmingham to see more friends, who were also Anthony Horowitz fans, so we went to see Stormbreaker again.

Cousins chat on the beach, with a rainbow overheadFrom Mark's parents' it was off to Preston to visit more relatives, then down to Cheshire to visit my brother and his family. Kayaking on the seaWe has a lovely day trip to the beach. It rained in the morning, but cleared up into a lovely beach day involving a picnic lunch, relaxing and kayaking, and a barbecue. The intermittent rain also produced a beautiful rainbow.

Building a sandcastle village on the beachBarbecue on the beach

My niece and great nephewFrom there, it was off to Peterborough to visit more of my family. It's been lovely to see more nieces and nephews My niece and great nieceas well as my gorgeous little great niece who I haven't seen since Christmas and who is now walking and talking. We also got to meet our six week old great nephew who is also absolutely gorgeous.

Tomorrow we go to Cambridge and London (for Lauren's Birthday).

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jacqui said...

hope you have a safe trip home as I have just figured out from your dates in a previous post that you should be flying back to the US this weekend.

My husband actually flew into Glasgow on Thursday morning and he said it was complete chaos there. Hopefully things will have calmed down before he returns on Monday.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday, you certainly looked like you were having a great time.