Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Family Tour: Part 2

Mark, Grandad and the girls in a pubFrom Cambridge we drove to Northampton to visit Mark's Grandad. We took him out for a pub lunch in a lovely old Tudor pub, to celebrate his 95th Birthday. Only five years to go before he gets a birthday card from The Queen.

At Mark's parents' houseFrom there, we drove back to Mark's parents', where we were visited by an old friend who was at college with Mark. From there, it was back to Birmingham for lunch, visiting some more old friends. From there we drove to Shropshire for a week's holiday in a small rural town called Bishop's Castle.

A family gatheringWe then drove back to Peterborough to see my sister, who was touring India during our previous visit, before heading off back to Manchester, ready to fly back to NC.


Lorraine said...

Ding dong, a card from the Queen. I have 10 years to relocate my parents to England so they can get one on their 60th anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Q makes it into the blog at last!