Sunday, December 11, 2005

Doe Deer!

There are a lot of deer where we live, but I hadn't seen any apart from one on the side of the highway that had been hit by a car -- a sad sight. That is until today. We were driving along the interstate when we saw a deer dashing out across the road. It basically just ran and hoped for the best. (I must admit that I think that closing one's eyes and running for it is probably the only way to cross eight lanes of fast moving traffic.) It didn't stop on the central verge, but just continued its mad dash and was narrowly missed by more than one car. At one stage, its hooves skidded on the tarmac (pavement to Americans) and I thought it was done for. However, it got back up and continued its dash. We all breathed huge sighs of relief as it made it to the other side.


Skip Tyler said...

Viola, I listen to Classic FM in the UK daily as I work through my day and I have a queston about English usage. In the US if we have food leftover from dinner, we call it "leftovers" and sometimes we save it to eat the next day. On Classic FM they are referring to "Christmas leftover scraps". Scraps is something we would feed the dog, but not oursevelves. Is "leftover scraps" a term these in the UK. Also, I have remove the "f---y" from vocabulary. :)

Viola said...

I think that, in the UK, we tend to refer to "leftovers". Scraps are indeed what you'd feed the dog. I suspect that Classic FM are trying over-hard to sound clever.