Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Doctor Who

Many Americans reading this may not know what I'm on about, but put your hand up if you're looking forward to the Dr Who Christmas Invasion, due to air on Christmas Day on BBC1. Every time she thinks about it, Lauren gets so excited that she goes round the house singing the theme tune. When it was still online, she watched the Children in Need prequel over and over again.

I grew up with Tom Baker as The Doctor, Mark's Doctor was John Pertwee. Before the new series started (the Christopher Eccleston series), we primed our children. When it started, we sat them down and watched it with them -- after all, Dr Who is part of our English heritage. It is as British as cricket, tea and scones, or Marmite; and they needed to be educated.

We were on tenterhooks because we weren't sure that Russell Davies could pull it off. We dreaded a travesty, like that awful film starring Paul McGann. Our fears were unfounded. The children loved it and so did the adults. Let's hope that David Tennant is as good.

The good news is that we're going to be in the UK on Christmas Day, so can watch The Christmas Invasion. Unfortunately, though, we will have to wait until the second series makes it's way onto DVD or BBC America before we can watch it.

The other thing is, who would have thought that Billie Piper would come to something? Hats off to her.

If you're feeling nostalgic for Dr Whos of yesteryear, try perusing the TV ARK Dr Who pages.


Michael said...

Congratulations that you will be able to catch the Christmas Invasion. Unfortunately, few of us yanks are familiar with Dr. Who, but many of us on the 'brainy' side grew to love him thanks to PBS.

Ren said...

Wait until you go to a football (gridiron) game and hear one of their fight songs... to the tune of the Dr. Who theme song!

Viola said...

I'd never heard the term "gridiron" before, although I assumed that the comment referred to American football. I looked it up anyway and here's the Encyclopaedia Britannica entry for anyone who's interested.

Ren said...

Hee hee! In Australia, we called American Football Gridiron, so I just assumed that it was that way in England too. Just wanted to differentiate between soccer and Am. Football. Oh well :-)