Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas 2007

As usual, we went to England this Christmas / New Year. Last year, the theme song was America, by Razorlight. This year it was About You Now, by the SugaBabes.

Since watching the Liverpool Nativity, I've also been rather prone to humming You Will You Won't, by The Zutons, which is a very catchy song.

This year, we visited Mark's parents, then spent Christmas with my family. It was great to bring in Christmas day with a traditional service at Peterborough Cathedral, singing "Yea, Lord, we greet thee, Born this happy morning" as the lights came on just after midnight. From there we returned to Mark's parents. We then attended a wedding in Salisbury Cathedral, with the reception in Salisbury's Guildhall, where our very own Q (close friend and frequent commenter) married M. Unfortunately, even though Salisbury is only a stone's throw from Stonehenge, we didn't have time to take a quick look. That'll have to wait until another time. We then popped up to Birmingham for a couple of nights, visiting friends before returning to my sister's house for her annual New Year party. Then it was back to Gatwick.

Wedding Photos

The Guard of Honour was provided by members of Q's regiment.
Outside the cathedralQ and friends at the reception
Emily and Lauren at the receptionFriends together
Cutting the cakeThe bride and groom leave
As always, if you see yourself on any of these pictures and would rather that your face were not plastered all over my blog, just let me know and I'll blur you out.


Anonymous said...

Q & M are glad to see the return of the blog, and are chuffed that their wedding features. They hope that the Family G enjoyed the day, and that they are not too disappointed by missing out on Stonehenge. If you don't want a spoiler then look away now, but it is just some fenced-off stones which cost a fortune to visit, via a very, very low-grade visitor centre; 1970s Board of Works at its most charecteristic... If you want to see a good neolithic site, then visit Avebury, and just admire Stonehenge from the A303 as you drive past!

Q will now return to his pit to nurse his virulent lurgy!

Viola said...

Admiring it from the A303 was pretty much what I had in mind. I hope you get well soon.