Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas & New Year

My Newest Great Nephew
My Newest Great Nephew
Carol Singing in the Park
Carol Singing in the Park
Emily and Lauren finished school on the 21st of December. We went straight to the airport and before we knew it were half way across the Atlantic. In direct contrast to the debacle of the summer, the journey was the simplest possible -- we arrived in London only an hour later than planned, picked up the hire car and made it to my Mum's house by lunch-time on the 22nd.

Christmas Day morning we sat around the tree and opened presents at my younger sister's house before setting off to Mark's parents' to get there in time for Christmas lunch. Then, after The Queen's speech, it was time for another round of present opening.

New Year's Day Football in the Park
New Year's Day
Footy in the Park
After a few days, it was a whistle-stop visit to Birmingham before returning to my Sister's house for the requisite New Year's party. In my experience, New Year parties consist of standing around waiting for the New Year all evening. Then, at just before midnight the telly goes on so that we can count in the New Year with the rest of the country and the champagne is drunk while we watch the fireworks in London. The TV is then switched off and, with the long wait over, the real party begins. This year was no exception, with even young Lauren managing to party through to about 3am (it's only one night a year, so we figure that it's OK to let the kids stay up). Lauren pointed out that even with such a late bedtime, it was still 2006 in NC (5 hours behind GMT).

Sometimes a particular holiday has a theme song (one which reminds you of the holiday whenever you hear it). I think that this holiday's theme song was America by Razorlight because we seemed to be hearing it wherever we went.

Here are some more pics:

Boxing Day
Boxing DayBoxing DayBoxing Day
Afternoon Tea on the 27th
Afternoon tea at Mark's parents'Afternoon tea at Mark's parents'Afternoon tea at Mark's parents'
At My Sister's House
At my sister's houseAt my sister's house
New Year's Party
New Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyNew Year's PartyClick here to watch the video

By the way, if you see yourself on any of these pictures and would rather that your face were not plastered all over my blog, just let me know and I'll remove you from the pictures.


Jacqui said...

Thanks for the Pics they are great, capturing what I think is essence about the whole season, families and friends all together, having a great time.

I sure most Americans think we are weird with our quaint paper hats which never fit (too big or too small, as in the case with my husband)but it just wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Happy New Year and have a safe journey back

Lorraine said...

What fun. And we are among the Americans who can't imagine Christmas without crackers and quaint paper hats. Too much fun.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Viola!

Jonny Goodacre said...

I didn't know your husband liked a bit of tongue in ear.

Viola said...

Hmm... that is a revolting sight isn't it? Thankfully, the tongue didn't actually get any nearer the ear than that.