Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trip to Seattle

We are currently taking a couple of days of holiday in Seattle, WA. The occasion was a lecture I was giving for Logos Bible Software, and I have made a couple of posts over on the NT Gateway blog, Travel Diary: Bellingham, WA and Travel Diary: Bellingham to Seattle. The Seattle leg of our journey has been a lot of fun; it's a fabulous city, cosmopolitan with some reminders of Europe.

The first picture here was taken by Emily and is of the beginning of the underground tour of the city, where one spends 90 minutes walking through the original street level of the city, before it was raised by 8-35 feet following a fire in the late 19th century.

The second picture was taken by Viola and is at the Elephant and Castle, a British style pub. Emily had stuffed Yorkshire pudding, but was disappointed by the amount of mash and green beans and the relative lack of Yorkshire pudding. Vi and I both had bangers and mash and it was pretty good. Lauren had chicken curry. We are thinking of returning again to try some of their other dishes.


Anonymous said...

Q agrees that beer is one of the demonstrations of God's love for mankind.

fran said...

Lovely as it is to have a few posts by Mark, whatever has happened to Viola? I look forward to your next one, Vi.

Excellent to see the return of The Master in Doctor Who!


Lorraine said...

OH! So glad you enjoyed the city!