Monday, June 04, 2007

"Swim across the Atlantic Ocean"

While using Google Maps recently, I accidentally typed the wrong country in the search box. I was looking for directions within the UK, but typed in my destination as "US". The instructions that came up guided me all the way from the UK to the USA, at one point instructing me to "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean, 3,462 miles, 29 days, 0 hours". Whoever programmed Google Maps clearly has a nice sense of humour. Try it with any UK to USA address, or USA to UK address and you'll get the same advice.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, writes Q, but the wretched thing makes you swim from Cape Cod (or thereabouts) to France, rather than taking a shorter swim from Newfoundland to Cornwall or SW Ireland. It's just like one of those wretched GPS in-car navigation systems that people use, which often give very odd directions and sometimes leave you stuck on a level crossing on a farm track. Being a luddite at heart, Q still uses a map!

PS Type "French military victories" into Google and click the 'I'm feeling lucky' button...