Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CBB 2007: The Outcome

So, we've come to the end of the fifth Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. It started out looking to be rather boring, but then Leo Sayer lost the plot and things started to look up. This, along with the arguments between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty made it a lot more interesting. The final week, after Jade's eviction was as dull as dishwater, though. This was the first time that a non-Brit has won and the first time that a non-white has won (BB or CBB). In fact, of the final three, two were American and one was Indian.

Shilpa Shetty won and the protagonists were all punished and are having to serve their time in tabloid-media-purgatory. I dare say that the "international incident" mountain that was made of this molehill will soon subside. I'm not sure I'll bother with BB next year.

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selwyn42 said...

yes, the Jade saga was quite distressing. I watched the 'great row' with Shilpa, 'live' as it were. Quite jaw-dropping. I couldn't believe she could carry on like that - and for so long! It has rather destroyed me belief in her - but I still enjoyed the final eviction night.