Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Visitor

Out for a mealThis week, we've had another visitor, an old college friend of Mark's who is now more of a family friend. He arrived from Edinburgh last Tuesday night (after his plane was delayed by about three hours). Although the first couple of days of his visit were marked by very bad weather, we still had the usual fest of food, drink and chat, but just couldn't have it on the decking. The weather has cleared by the Thursday (the day of the England vs. Trinidad & Tobago match).

Standing outside the State Capitol Building in RaleighOn Friday we visited the centre of Raleigh where we watched a 3D film called Deep Sea 3D at the iMax and looked around the Standing outside the State Capitol Building in RaleighState Capitol building. I'd have liked a bit more time to look around the building, so we're going to have to go again some time.

The rest of the week was spent eating, drinking, going to the cinema, or swimming/relaxing at the pool. The films we went to see were Cars. I enjoyed this. It was pretty much the same plot as Doc Hollywood,At the swimming pool but animated and with all the people depicted as cars. Mark took the girls and our visitor to see The Corpse Bride too. This is also a good film, which we'd all seen on a previous occasion. Our local cinema has free films for children on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during the school holidays, so Mark, the girls and our visitor decided to go and see it anyway.

We were also able to go out and celebrate the news that our visitor had achieved a First in his latest degree. A couple of bottles of champagne were also in order. (NOTE: In the European Community, one can only call champagne "champagne" if it is actually champagne (made in the Champagne region of France). All other sparkling wines are "sparkling wines". Here in the US, however, anyone can call their sparkling wine "champagne". We celebrated our visitor's good news with the only bottle of real champagne that could be found in our local supermarket. I have to say, though, that I'd rather have a cheap and fruity sparkling Californian chardonnay than a cheap champagne.)

Our visitor left today for the next leg of his journey -- to Miami, then Trinidad. Let's hope that he has a great time there and a safe journey home.


Anonymous said...

Q says:
How lovely to have John to stay, and well done to you Mr U, to get a first this time. You deserve it, and I think that visiting the Goodacres is a particularly great reward for all of that hard work.

And I suppose I had better sort my life out and get over to see you lot soon too, although I suspect you'll be seeing me back in Blighty first.

What great pictures too, not just on the site, but those conjured-up by Viola's descriptions. Good reminder about the champagne too. I will remember to bring some with me.

Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Q. We'll hold you to that! How about y'all come over for my 40th birthday next year?

Selwyn 42 said...

We prefer Spanish Cava to 'genuine' champagne. It costs a whole lot less, and tastes better (we think)

Re Wimbledon - all USA women are now out of the singles - first time this has happened since 1905.

Lovely to hear about John U. somewhere I still have a copy of his thesis on russell Hoban (?)