Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Close Encounter of the Third Time

Mark, Lauren, Mark's Mum, Emily, Mark's DadSo far, since moving here, we have had three encounters with legal aliens. Our first visitor from outer-states was Emily's godfather. He came to see us when we had only been here about a week and were still living in a hotel; with most of our earthly possessions on a ship, half way across the Atlantic; and before I had started this blog.

Lauren on the monkey barsOur second visitation was from Mark's brother, who came to see us last November, when we had only recently moved into our new house.

Our third visitors were Mark's parents, who have come to see us en route to Los Angeles. They arrived on Monday evening (27th) at about 6:30. Although their plane landed at 4pm, it took them over two hours to get through the checks/customs. Mark and Lauren by the lakeThe time difference made them very tired, so it was just a quick chilli and rice, then early to bed.

The next day, after breakfast, Mark's Mum and I went shopping in Walmart while Mark, his Dad and the girls had a look in our local used bookshop. They came home after having bought half the contents of the shop between them. After lunch, we went for a walk along the lake (the same lake that Mark and I went to for my birthday). Emily on the monkey barsThe time difference taking it's toll, Mark's parents fell asleep after dinner, so after the girls were in bed Mark and I watched the latest episode of 24 that we'd videoed earlier, before heading off to bed ourselves.

Mark was teaching on Day 3, so this was mostly spent relaxing and doing nothing. Lauren, Mark's Dad, Mark, Emily, Mark's MumWe went out to a local restaurant for dinner in the evening, then it was early to bed because their plane to LA is due to leave at 6am.

After their stay in LA, they will also come and see us for a few days on their way home.

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Claire Williams said...

Lovely photos. You all look so well. We're still enjoying "24" too.