Monday, April 14, 2008

April Snow

Normally we go to England twice a year -- once at Christmas and once in the Summer. This year, we went in April too. Mark had a conference in Oxford, so we decided that it would be nice for us to all go. We spent a few days with Mark's family, then visited friends in Birmingham. Mark then went off to his conference, while the rest of us visited some of my family. We met up at Heathrow at the end of the stay so that we could travel home together. There was quite a lot of snow for a few days. Snow in March/April is not unusual, but it doesn't usually fall in such copious amounts.

The vacation's Theme Song is Heartbeat, by Scouting for Girls. They've disabled embedding, so I'm afraid that you'll have to click the link to see/hear it.

I didn't take many pictures, but heres a few shots of the snow:

Snow in April: Snowfall at NightSnowfall at NightSnow in April: The morning afterThe Morning After

Lauren sweeps snow off the carLauren Sweeps Snow off the Car

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Janet and Selwyn said...

I knew I was in England! Outside our front door, seems impossible - today as we bask in a heatwave. The snow barely lasted till midday - as Selwyn's Cheshire Cat melted from view