Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Song for Europe

It's that time of year again. Here's the song that will be representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest this year:

Will this song do well? I doubt it.

Politically, we don't stand a chance:
  1. Many of the Eastern European countries just vote for each other
  2. Some of the countries aren't even in Europe (I don't know what this has to do with it, but I'm just saying it anyway.)
  3. Most of Europe still haven't forgiven us for siding with Bush over Iraq
To stand a chance of winning, the UK entry has to come up with a song that is able to gain people's votes in spite of these obstacles. I doubt that this song has what it takes. My prediction is that this is good enough to prevent the "nil points" humiliation. I reckon that this will come in at about 25-30 points.


rpg said...

Mindless pop drivel? Check
- that is instantly forgettable? Check
Chicks on guitar? Check
Pretty boy lead singer? Check
- who is from an 'ethnic minority'? Check
-- and quite possibly gay? Check

I think it'll do quite well. *laughs*

I suspect that Eurovision is one of the many things about British culture (because, let's face it; we don't take it half as seriously as the yest of Europe) Do Not Get.

rpg said...

bah, sorry, that last line is missing "that Americans" after the parenthesis

Jacqui said...

Its 10x's better than the last one at least!

Must agree, even if we had a decent song, we wouldn't get anywhere, given the makeup of the contest now and our allegiance to Bush. It really has gotten too big now, just like the EU.

Congrats to Mark on his "Passion involvement. It seems to be stirring up some coals back home. He even managed to get quoted in the Dail Mail.