Monday, February 19, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout CookiesThis is another "it's not just in films" moment. It actually happens in real life. A girl scout friend of Emily's came to the door and sold us some "Girl Scout Cookies". But that's not all. When I'd seen this sort of thing on TV, I'd always just assumed that it's girl scouts selling biscuits (cookies), but that there's nothing special about the bickies themselves. As it turns out, girl scouts don't sell any old cookies. They sell Girl Scouts Cookies. Not only are they packaged especially for the Girl Scouts, but each biscuit has written on it "Girl Scouting is all about...", then the sentence is finished with a word like "Caring" or "Values" or "Leadership" etc...

As I eat them, I say to myself "Yep. I'm definitely in America."


Selwyn42 said...

are 'Girl Scouts' simply the American equivalent of the English 'Girl Guides'? i.e. the organisation founded by Baden Powell.

Nothing special about the biccies! But what sort are they?

Viola said...

What very good questions.

The biscuits we bought were one box of chocolate covered mint biscuits and one box of some that are rather a lot like Malted Milk biscuits with a layer of chocolate.

As for the Baden Powell question:

The Girl Guides organization was founded, as you said, by Baden-Powell in 1910. The Girl Scouts organization was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. She was, however, very much influenced by Baden-Powell whom she first met in 1911.

Here's some links:
History of Guiding
Juliette Gordon Low Biography

If you're partial to a "nice cup of tea and a sit down" with a nice bickie or two, you might also like this:

Justin J. Buol said...

Didn't know that girl scout cookies ever featured in movies! That's cool.

Anyway, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies are probably one of my favorite kind of cookies. My family usually buys them in bulk so that they will last a decent length of time.

We usually use some of the Thin Mint cookies in making a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving that is one of the richest delicacies known in our family. Few can finish an entire piece.

The samoa cookies are good as well. Heck, they're all great!

nurturing notes said...

It's nice to hear that people still knock on doors. Now they usually sell them in front of grocery stores. Maybe people don't like to answer doors anymore. That reminds me of a house I went to that had a "no soliciting" note at their door, but it also said that girl scouts were one of the few exceptions :-)

Thanks for the nice cup of tea... link. I will have to take a closer look at the biscuits I had in Australia.


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Where are you?

Viola said...

Sorry about the lack of blogging recently. I've got lots of post ideas "queued up", but haven't had much time to write them.

Hopefully, I'm going to make some time in the next couple of days to catch up on a bit o blogging.