Thursday, October 05, 2006


If you like the new NBC series Heroes, you might be interested to know that there's an online graphic novel. Parts 1 and 2 are online at the moment, with more to come. Personally, thus far it is just my cup of tea (which probably means that it will get cancelled after about one and a half series), even though it falls in line with the usual American-TV-casting policy of not employing ugly people.


Lorraine said...

Well, golly, Viola, you've been in America long enough to know that the reason Hollywood never employs ugly people is because there aren't any. And most of us are white and wear a size 0. (hee)

Tony Williams said...

Hi Viola
I'm really loving Heroes although I'm having to download each episode as it is yet to start over here. Like you say, this usually means cancellation is iminent although I understand ratings on your side of the pond have been outstanding.