Sunday, April 16, 2006


Maundy Thursday found me helping in Lauren's class all day. We spent the morning "conducting an experiment" to see which of three brands of egg-dying kits are best. In the afternoon the children watched a cartoon about Spring and ate ice cream sundaes. They got the ice cream and one topping for free, but had to buy additional toppings with tokens they'd earned from learning their times tables -- an extra topping for each table learned. The children also had a special assembly with a boy-band performing for the school.

They had Good Friday off school, but nothing else special marked the day. Mark had to go to work as usual (as he is doing on Easter Monday). I think that next year I'll try and find a Good Friday church service to take the girls to. We need something to make the day more special. Today we went to church in the morning and to some friends' house for Easter lunch.

Mark has written about his Easter experience this year in his blog. I very much enjoyed reading it, especially as it made me very nostalgic for Oxford.

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