Friday, January 13, 2006

The Fall

One of Mark's favourite bands is The Fall. When we were students, much of our courting involved going to various gigs. This included moshing at various of The Fall's gigs. The Fall is Mark E. Smith and whatever backing lineup he happens to have at the time.

The turnover rate of The Fall's band members has now exceeded 40, so The Guardian decided to try and hunt as many of them down as possible, to find out what had happened to them. The resulting article, "Excuse me, weren't you in The Fall?" (pdf version with lots of pictures) describes this hunt.

It describes the tracking down of each ex-member, from the easy (e.g. Marc "Lard" Riley), to the more difficult (e.g. a drummer, Karl Burns, who disappeared after leaving the band in 1998 and was last seen a "while back" looking like "a tramp"). It's quite a fun read -- especially if you like The Fall.

According to The Fall's website, they're planning a US tour this year. We're a bit too old for moshing these days, but we still enjoy going to gigs to listen to the music. As Mark is such a fan, if they come anywhere near here, I know that we'll have to pull out all the stops to try and go.

(Another good tour coming up is The Wedding Present, who we're hoping to go and see in March.)


Jonny Goodacre said...

What a dedicated woman you are. Not only do you follow Mark to the middle of beyond, not only do you put up a posting about The Fall but we now learn that he made you go moshing in Oxford. I love this idea of you two moshing at student gigs - would particularly like to see you leaping off the stage into the mosh pit now you are more elderly ...

Viola said...

I never went as far a stage diving even in my younger years. The image of the now more mature me trying it is quite ridiculous.

Mark Goodacre said...

Jonny G: I'm pretty sure you were there for some of that moshing, though you may have missed it on account of having to catch the last train back.

Frank Jacks said...

I have learned two things from this blog - first, I had no idea wash "moshing" might be but a quick look at Wikipedia removed my ignorance, so now I know what it means ... and have no desire toparticipate! BUT I do indeed intend to follow up your discovery of Tomahawk Park in Black Mountain, for the view of Greybeard is simply gorgeous! Actually, this is a bit embarrassing as I have been going to Black Mountain for years (decades actually, since as a youth I used to look forward to summers in Montreat) and never discovered that
little park - thanks for this sharing! And by the way, did you all visit any of the used books stores in Black Mountain and Asheville?

Viola said...

As we drove through the town, we could see that it was well worth a look. Unfortunately, we didn't stay in Black Mountain very long (only a couple of hours or so), so didn't get to do any shopping. We also drove through the Montreat camp as part of our little exploration. Very nice.

As for Asheville, we mainly used it as a base. The Biltmore Village looked very nice, but we just drove through. I saw the odd flea market and antiques shop I wouldn't have minded taking a closer look at too. I think we've left a lot for our next visit.